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Regal Assets Out of Burbank, California Receives 97% Score Combination From Members and Staff. Their Packages And Client Reviews Remain Stand-Out.

Regal Assets LLC service ratings are strong but what gives the organization the deciding edge are a hand full of “exclusive” features offered in their precious metal packages. At 97%, The highest rating out of our top picks for metal investment firms, the club’s staff and the significant majority of our members agree. Read Why:  

regal assets review

Regal Assets LLC (Burbank, California) 97%    

Gold is indeed the most secure of investments. However before choosing an organization for any type of investment it is wise to do a little homework. Take 15 or 20 minutes to read the details of months (literally) of our personal research on Regal Assets LLC and why we eventually decided to name our precious metals club in honor of their services. We have thoroughly researched a hand full of the top rated organizations for precious metal investments. This article details why this particular firm continues to stand out in gold IRAs, gold retirement account set-ups and other precious metal investments.

Fortunately there are still some organizations out there that take what they do seriously. Regal Assets LLC (Regal Assets) is certainly one of those organizations. The firms rates remain reasonable yet they spare no expense,  ensuring only top tier operations for both the administration of investing for clients as well as their metal storage protocol. From the BBB (an A+ rating), a five out of five star rating at TrustLink, and a AAA rating by the Business Consumer Alliance to their buy-back at any time policy Regal Assets has a hand full of attractions that make their gold and precious metal packages exemplary… Read on to see More 

Aside from the very best rating from the BBB (an A+ rating), a five out of five star rating at TrustLink, and a AAA rating by the Business Consumer Alliance Regal Assets has some other attractions that make their gold and precious metal packages exemplary. Here are five key aspects that continue to compliment their client satisfaction and third party review successes:

*Perhaps the most import and crucial to understand is that Regal Assets LLC only provides certified, London Bullion Market Association (LMBA) “Good Delivery” gold via Swiss based PAMP Suisse at 999.99 purity for their clients. This means the firm deals specifically in premium grade high quality gold for their client investments. If one is investing in gold it is paramount to ensure that the gold in which they are investing in is not only “said” to be top quality but as well is officially certified as such. Regal Assets has this dynamic well covered and only utilizes gold based on these strict guide lines. The metals in your account when using Regal Assets LLC are top notch.

*The set-up for Retirement Account Investments is waived. Regal Assets covers all first year dues for client retirement accounts which includes setup fees, administration fees, storage fees and any delivery of metals. The customer gets everything taken care of complimentary in all retirement accounts for the first year.

*Regal does not use a scaled fee system as do most of their competitors. In a scaled system, the more one invests/stores, the more for storage and administration fees. Regal Assets uses a yearly flat rate fee which which is the same for all their clients regardless of amount stored/invested. Consequentially, the flat rate fee is a bit less than moderate.

*The company uses only Fully Secured Brinks Segregated Storage Facilities. Your investment is always fully secured and separated from other investors assets (a feature many other organizations do not offer). Your assets are fully insured against any physical tampering, theft, or loss. Your gold with Regal Assets has it’s own separate secure spot in the vault (segregated) and the assets are located in a separated part of the facility which is used for securing the most valuable items (allocated). You are allowed to see your gold in person at any time.

*Upon requesting any of your Gold (or any other metal) the company ensures a seven day, verified delivery with tracking (as opposed to 21-28 days which is normally standard) from the date of request.

*Additionally, The company will actually buy back any gold purchased at any point and time in the future. The gold will be purchased from the client at the highest trading cost that day by Regal Assets. At some point and time in the future if one decides to cash in on some (or all) of their precious metal investments Regal Assets will kindly buy all metals from the client that same day.

Investing in gold is indeed a wise decision. If your considering rolling over your IRA into a Gold IRA or you’re thinking about investing toward more security into your retirement account with hard metals we recommend at least investigating Regal Assets LLC as a main prospect for your gold endeavors (we didn’t name our precious metals club after them for nothing). The gold organizations more traditional ideology in exercising an old school “taking care of the client” type of awareness seems to compliment their expertise in making their reputation in ways, unmatched. Regal Assets will send you a free gold guide and investment kit further detailing their organization if your interested in hard metal investments. Take your time and write down your concerns after ordering your kit. Ask your Regal Assets Executive all your questions. Address your concerns before making any move. There are things to consider before making any investment. Regal Assets company URL: Regal Assets 



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