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Not All Organizations Always Convert. Regal Assets LLC Truly Converts To Premium Grade Gold.

Gold IRA and gold retirement accounts seem to make more sense than ever but crucial details can sometimes be overlooked by investors. Read about LBMA “Good Delivery” and SUISSE Premium Grade Gold. Due to their strict guidelines in only using premium grade metals Regal Assets LLC should be at the top of the serious investors short list.

regal assets premium gold

In being that more shrewd investors and informed individuals are investing in gold as a safe haven for the years to come it is important to understand which firms are truly backing your account with the hard assets every step of the way and the grade of gold involved. Regal Assets out of Burbank, California is the only gold investment firm in the United States that truly converts your money into “physical gold” at every turn (versus simply doing such on paper) while only requiring a flat rate fee for storing it. The company actually changes your money into the real “premium grade” yellow stuff when using their firm every step of the way. Going gold in an IRA or a 401K retirement account is wise but assuring the gold is always actually present and of the highest purity is perhaps just as important. 

The assets invested are then converted into actual gold which is the property of the client. No other organization converts their clients cash or assets into physical gold at every transaction and then actually stores it for a single flat rate as Regal Assets does. Regal Assets can have the gold stored in the facility of your choice however the company seems to heavily favor Brinks Global. Though it is not official but at least 90% of the clients we encounter as well as our own club members who work with Regal Assets as their precious metal investment firm seem to have Brinks as the storage company for their metals. Brinks is perhaps the most renowned for secure storage and transfer so Regal Assets “unofficial” go-to storage company is a plausible preference. The gold is held in segregated storage. This means it is separated from other investors/clients assets. This is one of those details in which not every investment firm practices. The company charges a single flat annual storage fee with a single smaller fee for administration once a year. Large amounts of hard assets (gold) can be delivered to the client or organization via Brinks and an Armed Guard if necessary.

Premium Grade Gold: Regal Assets LLC not only maintains physical assets at every transaction for their clients but just as important they convert to high grade bullion. The gold is accredited as “Good Delivery” (meaning legitimate, of high purity and precisely accurate in weight) by the London Bullion Market Association (LMBA). The gold is refined at PAMP Suisse in Switzerland ; PAMP stands for Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux and is the most respected gold refinery world-wide. PAMP Suisse is one of the few gold refineries in which The LBMA certifies their golds integrity in being authentic and accurate in purity. These two organizations are the two major international players for gold refinement and then the certification, there of. The gold bullion contains a purity of 999.99%. Each gold item has a traceable serial number verifying it’s existence and high purity level.

*The metals acquired through Regal Assets are “allocated”. This means the title belongs to the client and only the client when the transaction clears. The gold or metals purchased are not part of Regal Assets company portfolio in any regard (though Regal Assets securely stores the gold for retirement accounts etc.). Regal Assets collects no interest on the accounts. Beware of certain organizations that use their clients gold in conjunction with their own portfolio to add wealth to their organization until the client decides to cash out. It is a relief to know that at least one organization stands on their word in converting dollars into only premium grade gold in your IRA and or 401K Gold Investment. It is also that much more assuring in knowing their organization doesn’t combine assets at any stage of the service. Regal Assets reputation in the industry is unmatched. If your thinking about investing in hard assets to hedge against inflation you can rely on investing in precious metals, mainly gold. We highly recommend Regal Assets LLC if your thinking about making that move. You can peruse their company website here: Regal Assets


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