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Investing in Metals: The Firm, Regal Assets LLC Remains The Solid Pick Among Our Members.

Rolling over an IRA to gold or a placing a portion of a retirement account in solid gold can be a smooth process or it can be a fairly wearisome endeavor. Most of our members choose Regal Assets LLC to handle their precious metal investments. Read the seven most mentioned reasons why.

regal assets top rated

The tax advantage, security, inflationary hedge and over all stability of investing in gold speaks for itself. However the various firms that deal with these investments such as gold IRA and gold retirement accounts do not always carry reviews that are as solid as gold itself. Regal Assets LLC out of Burbank, California is one of the the organizations that stands out among their peers. The firms reviews by third parties and clients have not only been consistently strong, in our metals club they’ve been stellar. The executives that work through the organization seem to have a non-aggressive mode of operand while at the same time a very strong attention to detail. Possibly this is due to the organizations company training? Perhaps the relaxed communal vibe at Regal Assets LLC is infectious? Whichever the case, it certainly works for them. If you are interested in investing in precious metals or establishing a gold retirement account our club recommends Regal Assets LLC. Before visiting their website  FIRST REVIEW the seven key protocols the organization practices. See those seven items on our second page


1. Only dealing in premium grade, London Bullion Market Association (LMBA) certified “good delivery” gold for their clients (all assets are serial number verified and certified at 99.99% purity level).

2. As a clients invest financially their investment is converted into physical gold at every turn versus only at intervals or doing so on paper or in only digital form. The gold is actually there in secure storage at every juncture.

3. Segregated storage by Brinks Global for client assets.  Your gold is separated, and secured from other assets.

4. The option for clients to actually visit their gold in person in order to physically see their metals at any point and time is always an option.

5. Charging a flat rate fee versus by the amount invested/stored. The flat rate does not change even if the client chooses to invest in more metals in the future. *As well, their flat rate fee charging protocol is quite reasonable.

6. Set-up and all fees are waived for the first year. Only the flat rate fee occurs once a year there after.

7. Possibly the most important is an A+ rating by The Better Business Bureau and a solid AAA rating by the Business Consumer Alliance.                                                   See Regal Assets Below:
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