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China and Central Banks Are Acquiring Mass Amounts Of Gold. Gold IRA and Gold Retirement Packages Becoming A Staple To Smart Investors.

China has been purchasing gold by the billions of dollars since June of 2012. China, in being a social – communistic country has a “state-owned” television station. In the past it was illegal to own gold as a private citizen. Since 2009 they are actually encouraging it. China’s news programming is a state governed news source. Recently the programming has been persuading the countries citizens to begin buying gold. Besides China, central banks of different countries all over the world have significantly increased their purchasing of gold including The United States Federal Reserve. Why? The answer is simple… solidity. Gold in hand is much stronger in terms of financial security. The metal is what is known as a true asset. As a country, investment organization, or as an individual having some gold in your portfolio or in a safe, secure place is said to be a wise call. Investing in precious metals such as gold is not associated with the hot-shot investor looking to make a killing in the next three months, but rather for the astute financier who wants a modest to favorable return that’s safer than anything on the planet for years to come

Metals have held quite strong as many fear the economy and markets are in for a sudden shock. We recommend investing in gold in any economic environment. Gold is the safest investment on the planet. The metal has been traded and purchased world-wide for thousands of years. No other investment, be it a stock, bond, annuity, mutual fund or even an FDIC insured Bank CD will ever be as safe as actually investing some of your dime in solid G-O-L-D. Central banks in various countries have been exercising that assertion. As was mentioned, most notably China is leading the pack as of late. Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing have been acquiring gold in a few different ways over the last five years.

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The metal has been holding strong at around $1300.00 an ounce and other countries central banking systems are continuing on China, and The United States lead. According to The World Gold Council report Russia, South Korea, Turkey, and Iraq have been acquiring more gold recently than they have in decades. The Council reported in February of 2014 that the central banks of the various countries of the world have purchased or acquired more gold in 2013 than any other year since 1964.  With so much gold being acquired by governments world wide the rise of Gold IRA and Gold Investing had increased significantly. Besides having gold physically on your person an possibly a safer alternative would be to think of the big picture. What the economy or stock market is going to do within the next five or ten years is simply any ones guess. We recommend you protect yourself by making a safe percentage of your portfolio solid.  Invest in a Roth Gold IRA or allot a percentage of your 401k to solid gold for safe measure.

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