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Becoming a Member of Regal Assets Club:

If you are a gold or precious metals investor or enthusiast you are welcome to apply for a membership to Regal Assets Club. All that is required to become a member of  Regal Assets Club is your name and email address. If it is permissible and if there are any, we would certainly like to know your investment client/customer experiences in gold and precious metals simply for our own website reviews section. Once accepted to the club it is solely up to the club member if he or she would consider sharing their investment experiences.

Regal Assets Club will never ask, nor share the amount of the transaction or any of the customers financial situations. Regal Assets Club is only interested in the satisfaction rating of your precious metal experiences for the purpose of keeping the public and our members enlightened. We use this rating in helping ascertain our own personal recommendations in the precious metals industry.  If a club member decides to share their experiences in purchasing precious metals with the staff at Regal Assets Club (which we encourage) it is entirely up to the club member to allow us to post the review or keep the review anonymous. We do not post any of our members full names. We shall only post the members first name and the first letter if their middle or first letter of their last name (at the choice of the member) which is at the members discretion. There are no fees for being a club member. We do not share or sell any of our club member information. We do not SPAM.

Regal Assets Club sends out a newsletter every three weeks covering the latest gold and precious metal news. On occasion we send an email of noteworthy precious metals opportunities in the industry.

*Regal Assets Club is non-fee based club. If a member decides to share their gold or precious metal investment experiences with us (which we encourage) the only detail we ask of the member is to  keep these candid, straightforward and sincere. This is so we can diligently inform our readers and rate the various organizations properly.

If you are interested in becoming a Regal Assets Club member send us an email with the information below. including your name, and any positive or negative experiences with the organization you have utilized in investing in gold or any precious metals.

  • First and Last Name (middle initial if desired. See below)
  • Please include as to whether or not we may use or your reviews (in which we would only reveal your first name and middle initial or last name initial). It up to the club member on whether or not they choose to share their experiences, or keep them completely discreet, or anonymous.
  • Any gold or precious metal investment experiences you would like to share thus far.
  • The organizations you have used in your precious metal investments.
  • Please provide insight as to whether you, as their client regret your decision or would you recommend the organization to others. Why or why not?

Email:  members{A}regalassets.club