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When NOT to invest. Warning signs to be aware of before selecting a precious metals firm.

Just as important as investigating what to look for in a Gold Investment firm there are some key things to beware of at the same time. RegalAssets.club has investigated several organizations and in our analysis there are a hand full key items that are warning signs in which ultimately resulted in the organizations having lower or sub-par reviews from customers.

Warning signs concerning the investment professionals:

Statistic Spitters: One of the major warning signs are account executives that spoke fast or were over-bearing in trying to slot a customer into a package. Beware of any professional that seems to spit out statistics, data, or figures while consistently trying to close a deal more than actually talking to a client.

Big Talkers ..but not listeners: Make certain the account executive you’re working with is LISTENING… every bit as much, if not more than actually talking in your first few conversations. Investing in anything is a major decision and your account executive should be “listening” to your interests, financial situation, and goal (if you have one going in) every bit as much as he or she is speaking.

Question dodgers: Does the account executive answer questions directly or are their responses vague. If an account executive is vague or inconsistent in their responses when asked questions it can be for one of two reasons or both. A. the executive is not very knowledgeable about the precious metals industry and/or the firms packages. B.  The representative is avoiding disclosing something to the customer. Either is not a good sign.

Setting expectations accordingly: Lastly keep track of whether or not the investment specialist is “accountable” on a time time-table. Does he or she set expectations and do they follow through and deliver on these expectations? Your account executive should be giving you a fairly specific time frame on how long the investment process will take and a play by play explanation of what is to take place and when. The account executive should disclose a play by play plan of action and make good on it.  If this doesn’t seem to be the case, or if things are not panning out as was initially promised consider your option to halt things and look elsewhere.


Warning signs of the Organizational Services:

Aside from the actual representative side of things there are a few other items to beware of in relation to the service the organization offers.

Spinning Staff:  Does their staff seem to be rotating? The person you spoke with in the beginning should be the person you’re dealing with at every juncture of the actual investment process. If one account executive is speaking with you at one point, while you’re being passed on to another in the future it is not a solid sign of a steady, qualified staff.  In addition, this is some times a technique known as a hand off  by way of switching to another representative as an alternate person in an attempt to gain your business. The same account executive should be the one contacting you every time unless you request otherwise.

Third Parties should be listed in plain sight: Is there an absence of third party rating and review organizations on their website? Look for validation and high ratings from organizations such as The Better Business Bureau and Trustlink.org?  TrustLink is a third party organization that uses consumer reviews to rate businesses. Trustlink.org investigates the authenticity of the reviews and like Regalassets.club  performs a complete analysis  on the organization in conjunction with user reviews. If an organization has no other reviews besides The Better Business Bureau it may be wise to move on to an organization that has a few third parties rating their organization.

Do they have a Buy-Back Program? Does the organization offer the option of buying back your precious metals? If they don’t’, you may want to move on to an organization that does offer this option. The business you choose to handle your precious metal investment should be licensed to sell as well as buy precious metals. Determining if they can actually handle or offer the option of buying back the metals if you should decide to cash in one day in the future speaks volumes about the companies solidity.

NO P.O. Boxes Ever: Lastly, does the organization use a P.O box? Only consider firms that have a physical location. Doing business or investing with an organization that does not have a physical address (versus a P.O. box) is a major red flag.

By simply watching or being aware of some of these warning signs you will have already set yourself well ahead of the game in finding a quality investment organization.

Our recommendations for the five top Gold and Precious Metals Firms and their respective rating percentages are listed to the right in our side-bar. We also provide a “ten point system” which is an outline of ten crucial aspects that should be used in guiding a potential investor in selecting a solid investment firm. See it here: Our Ten Point System