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About Us:

We are a private group of precious metal enthusiasts who discuss, advocate, investigate, and inform consumers of the precious metal investment industry. While our staff is fairly modest in size we can assure you with confidence that our investigation and research is not only thorough, it’s continuous. Besides heeding to third parties in ascertaining our conclusions we consider the first hand accounts of actual customers and club members more so. Our readers and club members can submit reviews and their experiences of their precious metal investment endeavors as we very much encourage this. These reviews are the most key ingredient in helping us conclude our assessment of the various precious metal investment organizations. Those personal accounts as well as our own scrutiny is used in forming our conclusion. With that said, The precious metal organization Regal Assets LLC is perhaps the focal benchmark in Gold IRA, Gold Retirement Account, and precious metal purchases/investments. The majority of our club members use Regal Assets LLC as their precious metal investment organization upon our first recommendation and thus we became affiliated with Regal Assets LLC.

We do NOT and will not recommend any precious metal service, product or organization that isn’t thoroughly researched and investigated personally by Regal Assets Club. Our opinions are always legitimate and entirely sincere. Regal Assets Club is completely free to join and we do not charge any monthly or annual fees.

*The only token of your generosity we ask is to please be as kind to enlighten us about your personal gold, silver, platinum, or palladium investment experiences so we can further asses the industry and the members there of.

We are always available to assist or answer questions concerning the precious metal industry and the various organizations involved.

 ~Thank you for your interest in Regal Assets Club.