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There are major distinctions to investing in the stock market, mutual funds, ETF’s (exchange traded funds) and bonds versus investing in precious metals. Which ever a person favors usually depends on what type of individual they are. In either scenario there are some aspects to understand concerning all of these investments and what they entail in the long term. It is important to ascertain that having at least a portion of one’s savings or portfolio in metals is a wise idea even for the most equity bias individual. Precious metals have some strong points that simply no equity can claim. For example direct gold investments are treated as something that an individual solely owns. It is considered the individual’s personal property.  The metal can be taken anywhere in the world and exchanged or liquidated. Gold always has been deemed as having true value. It is not subject to be completely devalued or financially dismissed. The metal is an “internationally” secure investment.  [click to continue…]


China has been purchasing gold by the billions of dollars since June of 2012. China, in being a social – communistic country has a “state-owned” television station. In the past it was illegal to own gold as a private citizen. Since 2009 they are actually encouraging it. China’s news programming is a state governed news source. Recently the programming has been persuading the countries citizens to begin buying gold. Besides China, central banks of different countries all over the world have significantly increased their purchasing of gold including The United States Federal Reserve. Why? The answer is simple… solidity. Gold in hand is much stronger in terms of financial security. The metal is what is known as a true asset. As a country, investment organization, or as an individual having some gold in your portfolio or in a safe, secure place is said to be a wise call. Investing in precious metals such as gold is not associated with the hot-shot investor looking to make a killing in the next three months, but rather for the astute financier who wants a modest to favorable return that’s safer than anything on the planet for years to come

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Rolling over an IRA to gold or a placing a portion of a retirement account in solid gold can be a smooth process or it can be a fairly wearisome endeavor. Most of our members choose Regal Assets LLC to handle their precious metal investments. Read the seven most mentioned reasons why.

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The tax advantage, security, inflationary hedge and over all stability of investing in gold speaks for itself. However the various firms that deal with these investments such as gold IRA and gold retirement accounts do not always carry reviews that are as solid as gold itself. Regal Assets LLC out of Burbank, California is one of the the organizations that stands out among their peers. The firms reviews by third parties and clients have not only been consistently strong, in our metals club they’ve been stellar. The executives that work through the organization seem to have a non-aggressive mode of operand while at the same time a very strong attention to detail. Possibly this is due to the organizations company training? Perhaps the relaxed communal vibe at Regal Assets LLC is infectious? Whichever the case, it certainly works for them. If you are interested in investing in precious metals or establishing a gold retirement account our club recommends Regal Assets LLC. Before visiting their website  FIRST REVIEW the seven key protocols the organization practices. See those seven items on our second page [click to continue…]


Regal Assets LLC service ratings are strong but what gives the organization the deciding edge are a hand full of “exclusive” features offered in their precious metal packages. At 97%, The highest rating out of our top picks for metal investment firms, the club’s staff and the significant majority of our members agree. Read Why:  

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Regal Assets LLC (Burbank, California) 97%    

Gold is indeed the most secure of investments. However before choosing an organization for any type of investment it is wise to do a little homework. Take 15 or 20 minutes to read the details of months (literally) of our personal research on Regal Assets LLC and why we eventually decided to name our precious metals club in honor of their services. We have thoroughly researched a hand full of the top rated organizations for precious metal investments. This article details why this particular firm continues to stand out in gold IRAs, gold retirement account set-ups and other precious metal investments.

Fortunately there are still some organizations out there that take what they do seriously. Regal Assets LLC (Regal Assets) is certainly one of those organizations. The firms rates remain reasonable yet they spare no expense,  ensuring only top tier operations for both the administration of investing for clients as well as their metal storage protocol. From the BBB (an A+ rating), a five out of five star rating at TrustLink, and a AAA rating by the Business Consumer Alliance to their buy-back at any time policy Regal Assets has a hand full of attractions that make their gold and precious metal packages exemplary… Read on to see More  [click to continue…]


Gold IRA and gold retirement accounts seem to make more sense than ever but crucial details can sometimes be overlooked by investors. Read about LBMA “Good Delivery” and SUISSE Premium Grade Gold. Due to their strict guidelines in only using premium grade metals Regal Assets LLC should be at the top of the serious investors short list.

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In being that more shrewd investors and informed individuals are investing in gold as a safe haven for the years to come it is important to understand which firms are truly backing your account with the hard assets every step of the way and the grade of gold involved. Regal Assets out of Burbank, California is the only gold investment firm in the United States that truly converts your money into “physical gold” at every turn (versus simply doing such on paper) while only requiring a flat rate fee for storing it. The company actually changes your money into the real “premium grade” yellow stuff when using their firm every step of the way. Going gold in an IRA or a 401K retirement account is wise but assuring the gold is always actually present and of the highest purity is perhaps just as important.  [click to continue…]


Federal Reserve officials agreed at June’s policy meeting to end their bond-buying program in October, putting an explicit end date on the experiment for the first time and closing a controversial chapter in central-banking annals with results still the subject of immense debate. The central bank has reduced bond buying (also known as quantitative easing, credit easing) by $10 billion increments every month this year. Bond buying is currently sitting at $35 billion a month from it’s high of $85 billion. Investors and the every day individual are seeking security in hard metals such as Gold IRA and Gold Investment [click to continue…]